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“If a creed makes a man feel happy, he inevitably adopts it….Such a belief ought to be true; and therefore it is true — such, rightly or wrongly, is one of the ‘immediate inferences’ of the ordinary logic used by ordinary men.” -William James

Behenian Stars – The Magical Stars of the Alchemists

The ancient alchemists operated from the awareness that under certain celestial influences magic was more likely to occur, especially when worked with consciously as stated by Cornelius Agrippa in Three Books of Occult Philosophy

Magicians affirm that Images,
Seals & Rings Being Opportunely Framed
under a Certain Constellation…
some Wonderful Thing may be Received.
~Cornelius Agrippa Three Books of Occult Philosophy

In European and Arabic medieval astrology the Behenian fixed stars were important in understanding the work of the alchemists. The occult traditions of these stars were presented in Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa’s work De Occulta Philosophia and were referred to as the Behenii (singular Behenius). Aggippa attributed the mysteries of these stars to Hermes Trismegitus and went into great detail describing their magical properties.

Behenian comes from the Arabic word ‘bahman” meaning “root.” Therefore, the Behenian stars were considered a source or “root” of astrological power that was magnified whenever one or more of the visible planets were within six degrees.

Each Behenian star is connected with a ritual gemstone and plant that was used to help draw upon the star’s influence (e.g., into a talisman) as described in the table below.

For those interested in plant medicine, when Antares is being activated by a planet passing by, this star has connections with Birthwort (a.k.a  A. Clematitis) a highly regarded medicinal plant  that was used by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Birthwort can be fatally toxic to humans if too much is taken so if you use this plant be careful.

It is not surprising that Birthwort was used in childbirth to help expel the placenta. The root of the plant (Snakeroot) was used to treat snakebites. Some studies show that snakeroot does have the ability to deactivate certain types of snake venom, but may be limited to certain types of venom, so depending on the type of snakebite it may or may not be effective. Studies show Birthwort increases production and activity of leukocytes (white blood cells), and contains a disinfectant that assists in wound healing.

The theory of the alchemists is that when Planets are near Antares (or any of the other Behenian stars) medicines made at that time are especially effective.





10 Gemini 01
Hyades in the Bull Ruby or Garnet Milk Thistle
00 Gemini 13
Bull Rock Crystal Fennel
26 Taurus 24
Perseus Diamond Black Hellebore
22 Gemini 05
Auriga Sapphire Thyme
14 Cancer 18
Canis Major Beryl Juniper
26 Cancer 00
Canis Minor Agate Buttercup
00 Virgo 03
Lion Granite Mugwort
13 Libra 40
Corvus Onyx Burdock
24 Lib 03
Virgin Priestess Emerald Sage
24 Libra 27
Herdsman (Bootes) Jasper Plantain
28 Gem 48
Ursa Minor Magnet Succory
12 Scorpio 31
Corona Borealis Topaz Rosemary
9 Sagittarius 58
Scorpion Sardonyx Birthwort
15 Capricorn 32
Lyra Chrysolite Winter Savory
Deneb Algedi
23 Aquarius 46
The Goat Fish Chalcedony Marjoram

source: http://cayelincastell.com/behenian-stars/ 

Planetary Talismans & Amulets

The most popular form of talismans are the talismans of the seven traditional planets. We also look to the differing Natures of the Planetseach of which, SaturnJupiterMarsthe SunVenusMercury and the Moon has a different effect and rules different things and activities in the Material World.


Here are the basic positive natural effects of the planets:
Saturn talisman – long life, success, discipline, astrology, magic, astrology, occult wisdom
Jupiter talisman – wealth, good fortune, justice, philosophy
Mars talisman– courage, determination, energy, command, strength, body building
Sun talisman – fame,job promotion, respect, authority, general health
Venus talisman – love, friendship, arts
Mercury talisman – memory, communications, business, technology
Moon talisman – safety, health, wealth


Source: http://www.renaissanceastrology.com/astrologicaltalisman.html 


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